Friday, June 16, 2006


Ban Marriage ?

Marriage is one of our most cherished institutions most everyone has been married or wanted too be married at one time or another . Let’s look at marriage from a statistical point of view. It has a 50 % failure rate ..divorce..Married women have the highest homicide rate. Married men or formerly married men have the highest suicide rate. You see when people first get married they have what I call ..puppy love ...and as time goes by they start to fight like cats and dogs. Somemore time goes along and they fight some more and eventually find away of getting along or get divorced. Sometimes things get violent and a husband shots his wife and then kills himself also many men kill themselves when they get despondent over a failed marriage.
So whats the solution, good god I don’t know, people should be married but god it doesn’t look too promising if you look at the stats. So many people get married because Cindy is so cute or Larry is so cool and they end up hating each other for the rest of there lives.
This why I like prostitution it’s away for people getting together and getting that human touch without hating each other forever. I remember all the prostitutes that I have been with over the years and not one do I hate. A couple I would not like to be with they just were not very much fun but gees I didn’t kill them or get depressed and kill myself.

Friday, February 10, 2006


PBS Frontline

The other night, I was watching Frontline on PBS and they were saying 500,000 woman were sex slaves . First by my calculations there aren’t 500,000 total prostitutes in the world ! What I think they did was find some disgruntled prostitutes and formed a fabricated story to fit their agenda of course they showed a Russian pimp smoking a cigarette for maximum liberal repulsion. This is just an example of American hatred for prostitution and its cultural war to stop it .

I put this statement in their disscution section and they wouldn’t post it. I guess because I WASN’T IN THEIR MIND SET FOR DISENTION.

This is my statement:

I saw this as another one sided American Sexophobic rant driven by are media too get the ratings up with shock journalism. I’m against any kind of slavery and the majority of working girls are doing this on their own free will and just want to be left alone.

The media is becoming some of the most despised people on earth.

I’m a sex tourist and can not see how anyone could be held against their will all the girls go home at night to their homes or apartments and come back for another day of work just like everyone else. Lets just face it, America hates prostitution and we are becoming some of the most hated people on the planet because of are biased one sided agenda whether liberal or conservative.


Here's what I like about the oldest Profession

No fighting, no screaming, no yelling, no black eyes, no fat lips, no broken bones, no stabbing, no bullet holes, no dead wives, no shaken babies, no abandoned children, no ferial children, no dead children, no lawyers, no judges, no courts, no divorce, no alimony, no child support, no prison time, no in-laws, no screwy relatives, no lying, no cheating, no letting someone down, no hating of your partner, no maneuvering for power, no back stabbing, no back biting, no whining, no expensive rituals.It’s not for everybody that’s for sure but we are becoming more of a single population every year. It’s just an exchange of sex and companionship for money, for a mutually beneficial relationship. If we can just pull prostitution out of the gutter and make it a clean, safe, heathy, friendly situation for both men and women, putting it in a safe clinical format (men, women’s and gay’s clinics). Please lets look at the oldest profession in a different light.

Saturday, February 04, 2006



Now, I am not going to try and give you the history of the latex condom but let’s just assume they have been around for the past 50-100 years. The reason that prostitute’s have such a bad reputation is before condoms you were playing Russian Roulette and contacting a STD, when you spent time with a working girl, this is why they got the names like "soiled dove".

The other night, I was watching some biography’s on Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln and they were talking about their weakness for working girls when they were young and how they worried about contacting STD’s, in those days there were no condoms.

Today with your modern latex condom you have 99% protection from contacting a STD but men still refuse to wear them they think they are missing some thing but with today’s modern condoms you can get almost the same sensations......So when the moment of truth comes men think they will lose their erections...... here is my suggestion’s weather your young or old take a Viagra pill at least one hour before you are going to do the deed. This will help you in maintaining your erection, now if your in a foreign land you can get them in a pharmacy without a prescription and to save money just take ½ of a tablet. Working girls will not lubricate like in a normal situation their not in love with you remember it’s a mechanical situation for them. Even a regular girl will have a hard time lubricating some times and do this,have a tub of K-Y jelly with you and it will help in lubricating the process.

Condoms are the best pregnancy prevention device’s there is.

Ok, you Casanova’s wear your condoms and live your life to the fullest but remember you are responsible for the lives and heath of the women your with and they are the most precious people on earth whether they be regular girl or a working girl.


What is my agenda ?

Please, because I am an advocate of the legalization of prostitution that does not mean, I am a sexual pervert or that you are , what we want is the freedom to exchange money for sex between two consenting adults.If you are doing anything with a child under the age of eighteen (18) stop it is morally wrong and against the law anywhere in the world. You are not going to get away with it. You do not want your knees a knock'n against a lawyers desk or reside in a 6x10 foot iron box. If you've seen the movie "Midnight Express" that's what it would be like in a forigen prison. An American gringo is a big score overseas. Prisons in the USA you are at bottom of the pecking order, not pleasant.

When I say, I advocate the legalization of prostitution. I don’t mean a badly dressed street walker that is addicted to drugs. What I want is a controlled clinical situation that can be controlled by the government for heath, safety and community standards for both customer and sex worker.Prostitution is only legal in the USA in one county in Nevada. I am not advocating you break the laws in your community but work in your community to change the laws to make prostitution legal for men and woman.

Friday, January 27, 2006


American facts

America has:
the world's fourth largest population
America is:
#1 for military expenditures
#1 for for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction per capita
#1 for the number of rapes
#1 for teenage pregnancies
#1 for total number of divorces
#1 for C)2 emissions
#1 for C)2 emissions from fossil fuels
#1 for electricity consumption
#1 for oil imports
#1 for total energy usage per person
#1 for municipal waste per capita
#1 for nuclear waste pollution
#1 for the number of threatened species
#1 the largest debtor in the world
#1 for firearm discharge
#1 the highest divorce rate
#1 for total crimes committed
#1 when it comes to adults prosecuted for crimes
#1 when it comes to the numbers of their population in prison - Over two million! 34% more than China which has 241% more people
#1 when it comes to the number of criminal record holders
#1 for plastic surgery procedures
#1 for the amount of money spent on health care yet…… #46 for life expectancy and there are estimated to be about 45 million Americans that do not have any health insurance
#2 for the number of abortions
#2 for heart attacks
#2 for asthma sufferers
America is not even in the top 30 for public spending on public education so it's not surprising that it's …… #14 for duration of education and …… #47 for total education spending and #14 for school life expectancy and #68 for the percentage 'literacy level' of the population
#11 for unemployment
#6 in the world for the total number of murders
#3 for the total number executions along with our democratic 'friends' in China, Congo and Iran
#13 for social security expenditure as % of GDP #98 for GDP real growth rate
#1 for soft drink consumption
#1 for the number of television hours watched

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Prostitution and the Bible

During biblical times prostitution was a very common thing. Jesus had many friendships with the local prostitutes.

Read this from a biblical scholar : Since wealthy men didn't need prostitutes (they had plenty of wives and concubines) prostitution was certainly not a high Noble calling. But there clearly was nothing immoral or wrong from a biblical prospective with non-goddess prostitution.Today many men have little opportunity for sexual fulfillment so prostitutes are the only viable option. Sexual frustration results in men that become aggressive and are far more likely to sexually harass, abuse or rape women than men who are sexually happy and fulfilled.Legal Prostitution in the Bible reflects the cultures double standard that while a wife must be faithful, a Hebrew man can have sex with an unmarried prostitute, or any other single woman, and not be committing adultery. But if the woman is a wife -owned by her husband under the patriarchal system of the Hebrews - then both she and her sexual partners are adulterers, a crime for which the penalty is death (Lev 20:10; Deut. 22:22).

In New Testament times, there also was nothing said about prostitution being wrong and in fact Jesus makes the point that harlots who believed John the Baptist will enter the kingdom of God before the chief priests and elders who rejected John's message (Matt. 21:31-32).

Today prostitution is not pagan idolatry nor the concubines of biblical times - women as breeders and for sexual pleasure. And nowhere in the Bible is a word said about that being wrong!! Today many women enjoy providing intimacy and sexual pleasure to men based on their choice without being owned as concubines for men and of course always using safe sex to avoid "breeding" and so it’’s a very healthy interaction both physically and emotionally.


The World View

The most progressive country would be Uruguay which has the most human rights and humane praise for sex workers,their unionized with social benefits and pension plains, next some counties provide free medical exams on a weekly bases, and last would be western countries who stick their heads in the sand mostly.

These are the countries with legalized or tolerated prostitution of some sort, this is not a for sure thing, reliable information is sketchy .

Holland, Denmark, Spain ,Czeck Republic, Australia, All Latin countries, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Korea, Philippines, Israel, England, Italy, Greece, India, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, France, and Turkey.

These are the countries that have harsh laws against prostitution. Their laws can range from being jailed to being put to death by stoning for such activity. Myself I have lost some long term friends because of my pro prostitution stand. Some people even when they can be the most ardent supporters of gay rights, just the idea of prostitution and they go into the most vial rant, they think of prostitutes as the worst human filth on earth.

United States, Russia, China, all of the Middle East, North Korea, most of Africa, and Indonesia.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Sex Clinics

Here are some suggestions on the issue of sex work .

Sex clinics should be licensed by the government so they can be regulated by the government and taxed realistically. This way sign age and other things could be controlled so that the sleazy factor can be controlled and heath and safety issues can be checked.

All sex workers should be card-carrying workers that have been tested for disease and also drug tested this will help curb the growing drug problems in are society.

Sex workers should have to have some sort of address so that they can be counseled on issues that effect them. They could be sent a monthly newsletter urging them to use these short earning years to get a foothold in life using this money to get a better education, a down payment on a house, starting a small business of their own.

Sex workers could be trained to take a customer's blood pressure, check the prostrate , breast examination, VD checked,and condoms could be prominently displayed and made certain that they will be used. This would help promote good heath. Signs should be displayed in both Spanish and English that condom use is the law.

I don't like to see a lot of sleazy sex signs like XXX with a naked girl on a neon sign. For some reason the sex industry has to show its self in a negative way. Maybe some universals sign that is not offensive that a sex clinic is in this building but not a red light. Wholesome is the key word, clean safe streets, nice parks, beautiful architecture, pretty women in summer dresses.

Sex clinic owners should be checked for criminal backgrounds and maybe only owned by former sex workers.

Sex clinic owners would be required to split the fee 50-50 with the worker and another 10% with all the workers for that day so everyone goes home with some money. The remaining 40% would be keep by the owner for overhead and profit.

Strong laws could be made for child exploitation or any type of sex slavery, where a person is held against there will. Harsh sentences could be handed down from the courts.

If possible the government could send out roving mental heath workers counseling sex workers and helping them with their fragile states of mind.The government could elevate sex workers as mental heath workers themselves what they are doing is to help calm our society and making it a more peaceful and less aggressive place to live.

Sex clinics should not only be for men they can be for woman, gays, or transsexuals or whatever the market will support of course they should pass all the laws of Wherever.

Sex work should be outlawed from the streets It's harder to regulate. It gives a seedy, sleazy image, and the possibility of serial killers in are society. The streets especially at night are cold scary places.

Alcohol, drugs,and firearms should be strictly forbidden in sex clinics.

In conclusion, I hear a lot of talk about human rights I feel they have the right to have a financial arrangement between two consenting adults as long as the laws wherever are followed to the maximum. I just don't see what harm is being done to anyone.

Lets use a hypothetical situation. I have a mental heath business and I placed an ad :
Needed medical heath people to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety pay is between 20-40 dollars an hour. Working conditions nudity with messaging and counter messaging, a fleshy appendage with a latex glove being probed inside you. Let me ask you when you see a doctor he or she places their latex-covered finger somewhere inside your body and how many people do they do that too in a year?

Can we ever accept the fact that sex feels good and if it didn't, none of us would be here, with are advanced knowledge and technology we can trick the system so it can be one of life"s most natural highs? No people are murdered on the highway or bludgeoned in the home. Every man or woman has had some sort of sexual experience in their lives and it makes you feel good, it replenishes your soul.

The City of Wherever could set a new standard for the world for tolerance, innovation, health, safety, providing good paying jobs, and a chance for a men and women to break the poverty cycle remember this money is going directly to the people. Well signing off from the land of free speech but sexually repressed people in the good old USA.


Who’s your typical American sex tourist ?

I would say the most regular type would be someone that has been in the military some time or another. This man when he was in Vietnam or a sailor in the Navy went to a foreign land where prostitution was legal for the first time in his life and guess what he had a good time. It was also the first time he didn’t have a hassle like with his wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother even though he had some guilt that it was somehow wrong !

So now he’s in his 50's or 60's and has had 1-2 bad marriage’s and he remembers the good time he had when he was young and the good time he had with a working girl and he remembers the working girl as not being miserable either, not like his x-wife. He reads articles in magazines that in certain countries its still legal and not being afraid of other people he goes their and has a good time and doesn’t cause any trouble, practices safe sex, and leaves good money in the hands of the working girls and others in that country. Most of the time it’s a win win situation for everyone.

In San Jose, Costa Rica theirs a bar called the Blue Marlin which is the big hang out where gringos and working girls meet and mingle and on one wall theirs pinned hundreds of shoulder patches from American policeman and fireman.

The question is can woman go to a sex clinic and enjoy herself, I think so in this world of female independence she can !


The most dangerous drug combination ?

Aids kills about 3 million people each year mostly in Africa where condom use is probably not readily available and resisted by the male population the most. My feeling if the world really wanted to put a dent in aids it would make condoms more available but your still going up against that ingrained stubborn male mind set .

Ok you take that 3 million and multiply that by 10 and you get 30 million killed each year by combining alcohol and testosterone, if you take domestic violence, guns, highway deaths, emotional outbursts and you will have one hell of a figure. Most every time you see a violent death in the paper and where to dig into its root cause’s you would find alcohol as it’s base ingredient with sexual frustration mixed in.

Now if I were the supreme ruler, I would replace all of the bar rooms of the world with sex clinics.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The Daily Show

Tonight, I was watching the Daily Show on Comedy Central and a young white comedian had a segment on The Xbox and he was playing a game and he said, do you have a game were I can kill a dirty South American whore and he repeated that, but just imagine if he had said kill a gay person, a black person, a Jewish person, a white person. Please America, prostitutes are living souls just like you and me they get up in the morning wanting to be appreciated and respected just like everyone else. I can’t get over what a horrible thing to say kill a dirty South American Prostitute if you ever meet a Latin American working girl you will find a very nice person better than that young white comedian will ever be.

These women come from some of the most vial barrios than you can imagine, huge fields of tin shacks with no running water, electeral power, ect. The one asset they have is their good looks and the hope that they can use those looks too give them a foothold out of poverty, If you wanted to truely help them you would have safe sex with them for an hour or just sit with them for a hour. People will say they should stop and make baskets for tourists, ...get real .....they will never get out of poverty making baskets . Their government's should take care of them, the government's are as poor as they are.

Why does America hate prostitutes ? Liberals, conservatives, the religious right who wants to send missionaries and convert them to Christian basket weavers is this why were some of the most hated people in the world. If America wants to hate something it should be men , we do something awful to are fellow man everyday.

The World Bank goes on to define moderate poverty as basic subsistence living, on $1 to $2 a day. All told, nearly half the world's population lives in poverty -- that's 2.8 billion people living on less than two dollars a day

Each year over 8 million people die because they are simply too poor to stay alive.

More than 800 million people go hungry every day.

The gross domestic product of the poorest 48 nations is less than the wealth of the world's three richest people.

Thirty-thousand children die every day due to hunger and treatable illnesses.
6 million children die every year before their fifth birthday, as a result of malnutrition.

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