Saturday, December 24, 2005


What's it's like to visit a Latin bordello ?

If sex makes you want to faint you may want to skip this part of my blog.
The first thing you want too do is get a good street guide they will take you about the city for $1-2 an hour. I had a real nice fellow and I don’t remember his name. He took me to several different places and I finally settled on a place called the NEW HORIZON from the outside it looked like a normal residence very clean and well kept no people hanging out front or ugly signs.
So went through the front door and was greeted by a nice spark plug of a girl named Maria she spoke perfect English and that was nice she gave a nice tour of the place it was very clean. I asked if she was a available and she said no but she was very cute shucks.
We went back to the lobby and she showed me the girls I would say there where about 12-15 girls sitting in a nice well lite room with a TV. There is a one way glass and you can look at the different girls that are available at the time. Maria says pick a girl and its $40 for one hour and I asked her a few questions being bashful and a little apprehensive I pondered......humm.... who too choose they where all pretty and well dressed. so finally I made my decision a nice dark tico girl with raven black hair. Maria called her name out Marla and she jumped up and came out Maria introduced us and gave Marla some towels and we preceded to the back of the building and went into a room something like a small hotel room very clean and tidy. Marla asked for the $40 dollars and took the money to the office and then returned.
So here we go she asked me if I wanted to undress her and I said yes so I took her closes off and she was beautiful and then I took mine off. We embraced and she manipulated my tool and I caressed her bum you know .....owwee..ya...ya... Next we sit down on the bed and she asked is if I wanted a back rub and I said sure. Marla gave me a nice back rub for 5-10 minutes and then I did the same for her. Marla and me did this and that nothing strange just like normal married couple might do, during foreplay......she fondled me and I fondled know. Marla smiled and I smiled back she was very cooperative and nice and very sensual.... in the room there is a clock so you keep track of the time...sometimes she would drift probably thinking when she get home she would make the kids peas they all like peas and with this money she would get Roberto a new pair of gym shoes LOL. I had 10-15 minutes until my time is up. Marla says condom and I say.. yes.. So Marla puts the condom over my erectic penis.....thank you Viagra.......and she precedes to give me a you know what and that goes on for a bite and then its ....D-Day..... Maria lays back on they bed and hands me a tube of K-Y jelly and I apply some to her virgina it goes something like this....I place my penis inside her virgina and ...bin do dang do....and its over in minutes.....waves hit the beach.....the wind blows through the trees......just like Rhinos do it on TV...... he he , then we get up and grab the towels and go to the shower room and shower together after that we go back to the room and get dressed . We both go back to the lobby embrace and thank each other and say goodbye.
Maria smiles and asked if I’m happy and I say YES with that starry look on my face she asked me if I would like a lemonade, ice tea, or coke I say ice tea. I’m sitting there kind of in a fuzzy state and a handsome man comes in the room and introduces himself Raphael is his name his English is good and we talked he said they are getting more female customers while woman most times choose one of the girls he’s their just in case they want a man and he was most machco. I didn’t see any woman while I was their but I did see a European couple I think Germany? I asked Raphael how business was and he said good but a lot of the girls go home with no money for the day. I said if that were in my hometown the place would be trampled like a herd of elephants. LOL
I went back several times and got to know the girls some and talked to one girl and her name was Anna and we had done the... nasty...togther the day before, she told me she was a student at the university studying naturalism. So I asked her about being a working girl and she said prostitution had been part of cr life for 100's of years even though it was something she didn’t tell to many people about. Anna said for her the money was good and she could come and go sort of like a part time job. I asked her about the other girls and she said it was a mixed bag but mostly single mothers, students, and some married women she said they tell there husbands their working in a grocery store. She said they liked working in the American sector (Gringo gulch) because the men were more gentile, kinder, appreciative ,and practiced 100% safe sex. You see 80% of prostitution is done in the Teco areas and Anna said the girls are treated more like chattel and are forced by some Teco men to have sex without condoms. I asked her about aids and she feels a lot of it is from married men that cross from married life over to the gay or transsexual world and back to married life.
The New Horizon is very strict about condom use. If you ever needed a model for a sex clinic the New Horizon would be my chose , no shaking you down for more money, I never left their drunk or high on drugs, just that oh golly feeling. I talked to the other girls and most could only speak a little English but were very eager to learn and my Spanish is well rudimentary but I’m trying.
I had sexual relations with 6 girls there but I did go to one of the Teco places and the girl was very nice and it was cheaper the place was not as nice and no one spoke English but it was fun.
All in all I saw no slavery or kidos not that I was looking the media I think cranks a lot of baloney about prostitution to sell soap suds and men are a favorite and easy target especially if they have sex on the agenda. The girls were most pleasant and this is part of my motivation to change some minds on the evils of prostitution. I'm just trying to introduce you to the prostitution lifestyle.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


My trip to Costa Rica

I put this in a English Costa Rican newsletter and it created a fire storm of controversy. It brought out the America hates prostitution people. Myself I had a great time every girl that I was with treated me well. The girls are not judgmental of your looks, how old you are, if your fat, or a royal dweeb. Please they are not in love with you it’s a job just like milking cows. LOL Be kind and smile and they will do in kind.

The article:

I travel to Costa Rica and consider myself a "Sex Tourist".
I love the ecotourism, beaches, parks, casinos, bars and I especially love the Costa Rican people.
Prostitution is a Latin tradition, as in most latin countries, dating back 100's of years.
I know most Americans think prostitution is evil and dirty, but 38 woman and chilren have died this year because of domestic violence in Costa Rica and thousands in the USA, but no prostitutes have died from violence that I know of in Costa Rica.
I'm aware there is Aids in Costa Rica, but the statistics are below the norm. Safe sex is recommended.
In Costa Rica there are massage parlors, bordellos, bars and casinos. I found them to be clean, well managed, with no fear for my safety and most importantly the girl's safety.
The working women are happy as most Costa Rican people are. They have broad smiles and fun loving. As for the experience, it was not just about sex, it was the enjoyment of being with a woman (over 18) for an hour and having that human touch.
The girls make good money, and earn $10.-$40 an hour and more. The average secretary in Costa Rica makes $1.50 US$ an hour.
Many women are single mothers and support other family members. Sex tourism brings in 20-30% of American hard dollars and Costa Rica needs all the dollars it can get to support its people.
Moralists will tell you how repugnant prostitution is, but prostitutes in Costa Rica go to bed at night with food in there stomachs, bills paid, and their children have shoes on there feet.
Sex is an important of part of our mental heath as we all need physical contact with other people.
If you are a male, please understand that you are dealing with human souls. Don’t be loud, violent, or mean spirited. The working girls very nice people with some exceptions to the rule.
How many times have you passed a women or man on the street and wondered what it would be like to be with that person. Well in Costa Rica you can experience that for a fee.
Do not solicit prostitutes off the street for your own security and because of the new solicitation laws.
I wish the Costa Rican government would show the working girls a little more kindness and respect. The government seems to be ashamed of the fact that Costa Rica has prostitutes. Costa Rica is such a utopia in so many ways.
If you have sex with minors, anyone under the age of 18, and if you get arrested, you spend a long time in a rat infested prison.
I wish the USA and the world would understand if you have a horny male population you are asking for trouble and its part of the reason 9 out of 10 sexual crimes are committed by men in the world and America has runaway sex crimes. Hopefully, Costa Rica will always keep this old Latin tradition and refine it towards wholesomeness and safety for both working girls and customers.
I look forward to my next trip to Costa Rica for the people, beaches, parks, casinos, and that human touch that we can’t have in the good old USA.
All we can do is prepare for the next war.
In conclusion, please keep an open mind and understand that there is a different culture in Costa Rica.
Most guide books say that San Jose is a place to avoid, but I found it lots of fun with all the casinos, shopping, museums, sports, culture, and a whole bunch of fun loving girls.


Costa Rica and Sex Tourist's

For some reason sex tourists have become the new evil in Costa Rica. It is still legal to go their and have sex with working girls but I would keep it to yourself . The people are nice and I don’t see what all the hubbub is all about I read the daily newspapers their everyday and see noting that sex tourist’s are doing bad. First we are in a foreign county and don’t speak the language well and the last thing we want is trouble. When I was their, I saw one American that was drunk and loud. Please be respectful of all the people of Costa Rica whether they are working girls, street beggars, or regular people and please give these poor beggars 100 colones Costa Rica has horrible poverty, the locals hate it but it's heart rentching .

This is a short article that I put in the local blog:

Last year I spent 2-3 thousand dollars on my vacation to Costa Rica such as hotels, casinos, taxis, museums , tours, and the safe sexual relations with 7 nice Costa Rica women (over 18). I don’t think, I so much as raised my voice the last thing I want to do is cause trouble. This year I plan on going to another Latin country I am scared I maybe hunted down like a dog because I like a financial arrangement between two consenting adults. My biggest concern is for those girls what are they going to do go back and work on a banana plantation making 3-6 dollars a day so Costa Rica can say to the world we are sex tourist free. Costa Rica please remember average American's won’t visit Costa Rica because their scared of brown people. Remember when you go to bed at night with a full stomach those girls and their families are not doing the same thing because you hate the idea of prostitution.


Ignorant people

I got this blog off the internet this women is a nurse care giver and a American. If these girls were regular women, blacks, or homosexuals she would be crucified. This just shows you the ignorance people have toward prostitutes myself I have found them to be very clean and most heath conscious. Prostitutes in the eyes of people are the lowest cast people on earth and I am determined to change that attitude.


Social Hygene for Prostitutes So, what did I do all morning....that is right...I was in charge of Social Hygene...I kid you not that is what the program is called. In Latin America prostitution is legal. It is the ministry of health ´s duty to issue work permits to these lovely ladies. They are obligated by law to have gonorrhea and syphilis screenings every week a trichomonas test every two weeks and an HIV test every 3 months. So, today basically I got to screen at the speed of light 40 prostitutes. These are the whinniest women on the planet. They have no problems working but the moment you get the speculum anywhere near them they start to cry. Anyway, it was gross. Even with sterile one use speculums and lots of gloves I still scrubbed my hands like 10 times after I was done. At least I got alot of practice in so that is good. It was sad. The funniest part of my morning was when a girl came in with a t-shirt that read ¨moist jungle ¨ on it....OH GOD it was hilarious...we all just about died laughing.

My Answer :

I sure hope you wore many pairs of gloves, I wouldn’t want those girls to be infected by your white judgmental disease. Prostitutes are people trying to make a living just like you. You look like you came from a charmed life how about changing places with them and get a job that pays 3-6 dollars a day and see who’s laughing. I like prostitutes their nice people much better people than you will ever be. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.


Here's what I like about the oldest Profession

No fighting, no screaming, no yelling, no black eyes, no fat lips, no broken bones, no stabbing, no bullet holes, no dead wives, no shaken babies, no abandoned children, no ferial children, no dead children, no lawyers, no judges, no courts, no divorce, no alimony, no child support, no prison time, no in-laws, no screwy relatives, no lying, no cheating, no letting someone down, no hating of your partner, no maneuvering for power, no back stabbing, no back biting, no whining, no expensive rituals.
It’s not for everybody that’s for sure but we are becoming more of a single population every year. It’s just an exchange of sex and companionship for money, for a mutually beneficial relationship. If we can just pull prostitution out of the gutter and make it a clean, safe, heathy, friendly situation for both men and women, putting it in a safe clinical format (men, women’s and gay’s clinics). Please lets look at the oldest profession in a different light.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Prostitution and the Bible

During biblical times prostitution was a very common thing. Jesus had many friendships with the local prostitutes.

America has almost completely banned prostitution and we have run away sex crimes.

Coasta Rica has legal prostitution has very few sex crimes.

Read this from a biblical scholar :

Since wealthy men didn't need prostitutes (they had plenty of wives and concubines) prostitution was certainly not a high Noble calling. But there clearly was nothing immoral or wrong from a biblical prospective with non-goddess prostitution.Today many men have little opportunity for sexual fulfillment so prostitutes are the only viable option. Sexual frustration results in men that become aggressive and are far more likely to sexually harass, abuse or rape women than men who are sexually happy and fulfilled.Legal Prostitution in the Bible reflects the cultures double standard that while a wife must be faithful, a Hebrew man can have sex with an unmarried prostitute, or any other single woman, and not be committing adultery. But if the woman is a wife -owned by her husband under the patriarchal system of the Hebrews - then both she and her sexual partners are adulterers, a crime for which the penalty is death (Lev 20:10; Deut. 22:22).

In New Testament times, there also was nothing said about prostitution being wrong and in fact Jesus makes the point that harlots who believed John the Baptist will enter the kingdom of God before the chief priests and elders who rejected John's message (Matt. 21:31-32).

Today prostitution is not pagan idolatry nor the concubines of biblical times - women as breeders and for sexual pleasure. And nowhere in the Bible is a word said about that being wrong!! Today many women enjoy providing intimacy and sexual pleasure to men based on their choice without being owned as concubines for men and of course always using safe sex to avoid "breeding" and so it’s a very healthy interaction both physically and emotionally.


What my agenda is

Please, because I am an advocate of the legalization of prostitution that does not mean, I am a sexual pervert or that you are , what we want is the freedom to exchange money for sex between two consenting adults.

If you are doing anything with a child under the age of eighteen (18) stop it is morally wrong and against the law anywhere in the world. You are not going to get away with it. You do not want your knees a knock'n against a lawyers desk or reside in a 6x10 foot iron box. If you've seen the movie "Midnight Express" that's what it would be like in a forigen prison. An American gringo is a big score overseas. Prison in the USA you are at bottom of the pecking order, not pleasant.

When I say I advocate the legalization of prostitution. I don’t mean a badly dressed street walker that is addicted to drugs. What I want is a controlled clinical situation that can be controlled by the government for heath, safety and community standards for both customer and sex worker.Prostitution is only legal in the USA in one county in Nevada. I am not advocating you break the laws in your community but work in your community to change the laws to make prostitution legal for men and woman.


Sex Clinics

Here are some suggestions on the issue of sex work .

Sex clinics should be licensed by the government so they can be regulated by the government and taxed realistically. This way sign age and other things could be controlled so that the sleazy factor can be controlled and heath and safety issues can be checked.

All sex workers should be card-carrying workers that have been tested for disease and also drug tested this will help curb the growing drug problems in are society.

Sex workers should have to have some sort of address so that they can be counseled on issues that effect them. They could be sent a monthly newsletter urging them to use these short earning years to get a foothold in life using this money to get a better education, a down payment on a house, starting a small business of their own.

Sex workers could be trained to take a customer's blood pressure, check the prostrate , breast examination, VD checked,and condoms could be prominently displayed and made certain that they will be used. This would help promote good heath. Signs should be displayed in both Spanish and English that condom use is the law.

I don't like to see a lot of sleazy sex signs like XXX with a naked girl on a neon sign. For some reason the sex industry has to show its self in a negative way. Maybe some universals sign that is not offensive that a sex clinic is in this building but not a red light. Wholesome is the key word, clean safe streets, nice parks, beautiful architecture, pretty women in summer dresses.

Sex clinic owners should be checked for criminal backgrounds and maybe only owned by former sex workers.

Sex clinic owners would be required to split the fee 50-50 with the worker and another 10% with all the workers for that day so everyone goes home with some money. The remaining 40% would be keep by the owner for overhead and profit.

Strong laws could be made for child exploitation or any type of sex slavery, where a person is held against there will. Harsh sentences could be handed down from the courts.

If possible the government could send out roving mental heath workers counseling sex workers and helping them with their fragile states of mind.The government could elevate sex workers as mental heath workers themselves what they are doing is to help calm our society and making it a more peaceful and less aggressive place to live.

Sex clinics should not only be for men they can be for woman, gays, or transsexuals or whatever the market will support of course they should pass all the laws of Wherever.

Sex work should be outlawed from the streets It's harder to regulate. It gives a seedy, sleazy image, and the possibility of serial killers in are society. The streets especially at night are cold scary places.

Alcohol, drugs,and firearms should be strictly forbidden in sex clinics.

In conclusion, I hear a lot of talk about human rights I feel they have the right to have a financial arrangement between two consenting adults as long as the laws wherever are followed to the maximum. I just don't see what harm is being done to anyone.

Lets use a hypothetical situation. I have a mental heath business and I placed an ad :
Needed medical heath people to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety pay is between 20-40 dollars an hour. Working conditions nudity with messaging and counter messaging, a fleshy appendage with a latex glove being probed inside you. Let me ask you when you see a doctor he or she places their latex-covered finger somewhere inside your body and how many people do they do that too in a year?

Can we ever accept the fact that sex feels good and if it didn't, none of us would be here, with are advanced knowledge and technology we can trick the system so it can be one of life"s most natural highs? No people are murdered on the highway or bludgeoned in the home. Every man or woman has had some sort of sexual experience in their lives and it makes you feel good, it replenishes your soul.

The City of Wherever could set a new standard for the world for tolerance, innovation, health, safety, providing good paying jobs, and a chance for a men and women to break the poverty cycle remember this money is going directly to the people. Well signing off from the land of free speech but sexually repressed people in the good old USA.

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