Thursday, December 22, 2005


Costa Rica and Sex Tourist's

For some reason sex tourists have become the new evil in Costa Rica. It is still legal to go their and have sex with working girls but I would keep it to yourself . The people are nice and I don’t see what all the hubbub is all about I read the daily newspapers their everyday and see noting that sex tourist’s are doing bad. First we are in a foreign county and don’t speak the language well and the last thing we want is trouble. When I was their, I saw one American that was drunk and loud. Please be respectful of all the people of Costa Rica whether they are working girls, street beggars, or regular people and please give these poor beggars 100 colones Costa Rica has horrible poverty, the locals hate it but it's heart rentching .

This is a short article that I put in the local blog:

Last year I spent 2-3 thousand dollars on my vacation to Costa Rica such as hotels, casinos, taxis, museums , tours, and the safe sexual relations with 7 nice Costa Rica women (over 18). I don’t think, I so much as raised my voice the last thing I want to do is cause trouble. This year I plan on going to another Latin country I am scared I maybe hunted down like a dog because I like a financial arrangement between two consenting adults. My biggest concern is for those girls what are they going to do go back and work on a banana plantation making 3-6 dollars a day so Costa Rica can say to the world we are sex tourist free. Costa Rica please remember average American's won’t visit Costa Rica because their scared of brown people. Remember when you go to bed at night with a full stomach those girls and their families are not doing the same thing because you hate the idea of prostitution.

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