Thursday, December 22, 2005


Ignorant people

I got this blog off the internet this women is a nurse care giver and a American. If these girls were regular women, blacks, or homosexuals she would be crucified. This just shows you the ignorance people have toward prostitutes myself I have found them to be very clean and most heath conscious. Prostitutes in the eyes of people are the lowest cast people on earth and I am determined to change that attitude.


Social Hygene for Prostitutes So, what did I do all morning....that is right...I was in charge of Social Hygene...I kid you not that is what the program is called. In Latin America prostitution is legal. It is the ministry of health ´s duty to issue work permits to these lovely ladies. They are obligated by law to have gonorrhea and syphilis screenings every week a trichomonas test every two weeks and an HIV test every 3 months. So, today basically I got to screen at the speed of light 40 prostitutes. These are the whinniest women on the planet. They have no problems working but the moment you get the speculum anywhere near them they start to cry. Anyway, it was gross. Even with sterile one use speculums and lots of gloves I still scrubbed my hands like 10 times after I was done. At least I got alot of practice in so that is good. It was sad. The funniest part of my morning was when a girl came in with a t-shirt that read ¨moist jungle ¨ on it....OH GOD it was hilarious...we all just about died laughing.

My Answer :

I sure hope you wore many pairs of gloves, I wouldn’t want those girls to be infected by your white judgmental disease. Prostitutes are people trying to make a living just like you. You look like you came from a charmed life how about changing places with them and get a job that pays 3-6 dollars a day and see who’s laughing. I like prostitutes their nice people much better people than you will ever be. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Right on, Brother John! It is so easy for some sterile, white, middle class, anti sexual, nurse, b***h to cast aspersions upon the working poor.

It is one sad fact that the practice of Medicine reflects all the sexism and prejudice of Society in general. I used to think that Medicine needed a sort of moral reform to allow practitioners to heal the Spirit as well as the Body of the Patient.

It is not Medicine that needs Moral Reform. It is the Society as a whole.
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