Thursday, December 22, 2005


My trip to Costa Rica

I put this in a English Costa Rican newsletter and it created a fire storm of controversy. It brought out the America hates prostitution people. Myself I had a great time every girl that I was with treated me well. The girls are not judgmental of your looks, how old you are, if your fat, or a royal dweeb. Please they are not in love with you it’s a job just like milking cows. LOL Be kind and smile and they will do in kind.

The article:

I travel to Costa Rica and consider myself a "Sex Tourist".
I love the ecotourism, beaches, parks, casinos, bars and I especially love the Costa Rican people.
Prostitution is a Latin tradition, as in most latin countries, dating back 100's of years.
I know most Americans think prostitution is evil and dirty, but 38 woman and chilren have died this year because of domestic violence in Costa Rica and thousands in the USA, but no prostitutes have died from violence that I know of in Costa Rica.
I'm aware there is Aids in Costa Rica, but the statistics are below the norm. Safe sex is recommended.
In Costa Rica there are massage parlors, bordellos, bars and casinos. I found them to be clean, well managed, with no fear for my safety and most importantly the girl's safety.
The working women are happy as most Costa Rican people are. They have broad smiles and fun loving. As for the experience, it was not just about sex, it was the enjoyment of being with a woman (over 18) for an hour and having that human touch.
The girls make good money, and earn $10.-$40 an hour and more. The average secretary in Costa Rica makes $1.50 US$ an hour.
Many women are single mothers and support other family members. Sex tourism brings in 20-30% of American hard dollars and Costa Rica needs all the dollars it can get to support its people.
Moralists will tell you how repugnant prostitution is, but prostitutes in Costa Rica go to bed at night with food in there stomachs, bills paid, and their children have shoes on there feet.
Sex is an important of part of our mental heath as we all need physical contact with other people.
If you are a male, please understand that you are dealing with human souls. Don’t be loud, violent, or mean spirited. The working girls very nice people with some exceptions to the rule.
How many times have you passed a women or man on the street and wondered what it would be like to be with that person. Well in Costa Rica you can experience that for a fee.
Do not solicit prostitutes off the street for your own security and because of the new solicitation laws.
I wish the Costa Rican government would show the working girls a little more kindness and respect. The government seems to be ashamed of the fact that Costa Rica has prostitutes. Costa Rica is such a utopia in so many ways.
If you have sex with minors, anyone under the age of 18, and if you get arrested, you spend a long time in a rat infested prison.
I wish the USA and the world would understand if you have a horny male population you are asking for trouble and its part of the reason 9 out of 10 sexual crimes are committed by men in the world and America has runaway sex crimes. Hopefully, Costa Rica will always keep this old Latin tradition and refine it towards wholesomeness and safety for both working girls and customers.
I look forward to my next trip to Costa Rica for the people, beaches, parks, casinos, and that human touch that we can’t have in the good old USA.
All we can do is prepare for the next war.
In conclusion, please keep an open mind and understand that there is a different culture in Costa Rica.
Most guide books say that San Jose is a place to avoid, but I found it lots of fun with all the casinos, shopping, museums, sports, culture, and a whole bunch of fun loving girls.

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