Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Prostitution and the Bible

During biblical times prostitution was a very common thing. Jesus had many friendships with the local prostitutes.

America has almost completely banned prostitution and we have run away sex crimes.

Coasta Rica has legal prostitution has very few sex crimes.

Read this from a biblical scholar :

Since wealthy men didn't need prostitutes (they had plenty of wives and concubines) prostitution was certainly not a high Noble calling. But there clearly was nothing immoral or wrong from a biblical prospective with non-goddess prostitution.Today many men have little opportunity for sexual fulfillment so prostitutes are the only viable option. Sexual frustration results in men that become aggressive and are far more likely to sexually harass, abuse or rape women than men who are sexually happy and fulfilled.Legal Prostitution in the Bible reflects the cultures double standard that while a wife must be faithful, a Hebrew man can have sex with an unmarried prostitute, or any other single woman, and not be committing adultery. But if the woman is a wife -owned by her husband under the patriarchal system of the Hebrews - then both she and her sexual partners are adulterers, a crime for which the penalty is death (Lev 20:10; Deut. 22:22).

In New Testament times, there also was nothing said about prostitution being wrong and in fact Jesus makes the point that harlots who believed John the Baptist will enter the kingdom of God before the chief priests and elders who rejected John's message (Matt. 21:31-32).

Today prostitution is not pagan idolatry nor the concubines of biblical times - women as breeders and for sexual pleasure. And nowhere in the Bible is a word said about that being wrong!! Today many women enjoy providing intimacy and sexual pleasure to men based on their choice without being owned as concubines for men and of course always using safe sex to avoid "breeding" and so it’s a very healthy interaction both physically and emotionally.

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