Friday, January 27, 2006


American facts

America has:
the world's fourth largest population
America is:
#1 for military expenditures
#1 for for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction per capita
#1 for the number of rapes
#1 for teenage pregnancies
#1 for total number of divorces
#1 for C)2 emissions
#1 for C)2 emissions from fossil fuels
#1 for electricity consumption
#1 for oil imports
#1 for total energy usage per person
#1 for municipal waste per capita
#1 for nuclear waste pollution
#1 for the number of threatened species
#1 the largest debtor in the world
#1 for firearm discharge
#1 the highest divorce rate
#1 for total crimes committed
#1 when it comes to adults prosecuted for crimes
#1 when it comes to the numbers of their population in prison - Over two million! 34% more than China which has 241% more people
#1 when it comes to the number of criminal record holders
#1 for plastic surgery procedures
#1 for the amount of money spent on health care yet…… #46 for life expectancy and there are estimated to be about 45 million Americans that do not have any health insurance
#2 for the number of abortions
#2 for heart attacks
#2 for asthma sufferers
America is not even in the top 30 for public spending on public education so it's not surprising that it's …… #14 for duration of education and …… #47 for total education spending and #14 for school life expectancy and #68 for the percentage 'literacy level' of the population
#11 for unemployment
#6 in the world for the total number of murders
#3 for the total number executions along with our democratic 'friends' in China, Congo and Iran
#13 for social security expenditure as % of GDP #98 for GDP real growth rate
#1 for soft drink consumption
#1 for the number of television hours watched

Legalization issue aside, what is the point of posting American facts? Those of us who keep up on the news etc have some awareness of what is going on in our country, but I see no relevance to a list of "facts." Fact: more people in more countries still choose to immigrate to the US
What is your source for these facts?
Because I see some errors and ambiguities.

If you consult the CIA World Fact Book you'll see things like, while the US is number 1 in military spending using raw figures (+ 370 billion) , the US ranks relatively low when the figure is considered as a percentage of GDP (3.3%).
#30 in public spending in education. I hardly think so.
Any sources for these? I already saw an incredibly obvious error in the first line.

America has:
the world's fourth largest population

Last time I checked, the United States has the 3rd (not 4th) largest population only behind China and India. A quick google search confirmed this.

The fact that you got this wrong leads me to heavily suspect the rest of these "facts", especially without any sources to back them up.
Blending per capita and absolute figures is an obvious skew. These figures appear to have come from, so folks can go and see what's what for themselves rather than take the quite biased list at face value.
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