Monday, January 02, 2006


American Media Hysteria.....Shock Journalism

We just got over the bird flu hysteria and guess what we haven’t all died yet isn’t that amazing and a big disappointment to the world press let’s pray that it happens so the media can dwell on it and creat this atmosphere of fear and loathing . Everyday we get up it’s toxic mold, child molesters everywhere, immigrants over running America. What is going too happen is were going to die from high anxiety, yes soon we will all rush to the ocean and drown like the lemmings.

I guess what got me started on this tangent was I was watching this particular news magazine program 60 Minutes and they where blaming the spread of aids on prostitutes and of course they were tied into the drug trade someway and other popular lies and half-truths. The media can’t say its men that refuse to wear condoms that spread aids but no it’s those gross dirty prostitutes that spread aids. If the media would just focus on straight men, news media men, gay men, African men, Latin men, Asian men, White men, married men, and whatever other men there are to practice safe sex, aids would disappear.

Every prostitute that I have been with are very strict about the use of condoms first of all it’s their health, next it’s their livelihood, it prevents them from getting pregnant and in most counties that has legalized prostitution, they have to pass a rigorous weekly heath exam and my feeling is their safer than a regular girl you might pick up on a one night stand or a platonic relationship, but let’s jump on the news media band wagon and attack these poor women. Come on, liberal’s and conservative’s let’s burn these wicked bitch’s at the stack just like we did in the good old middle age’s.

Please prostitutes are not dirty people they are like all woman from around the world clean ,tidy,fastidious, and I don't think one of them wants too get sick. They just want to pay their bills, buy material things and like us all somehow, get rich. Ok Yellow Journalists, I’ll take the company of a prostitute over spending a few minutes with you soap suds salesman any day.

God, John, what are you saying? That sex workers from poverty are just trying to make the best living they can, while people (most often men) who refuse to practice safe sex are really the ones who need to take responsibility for their own dangerous behavior?

Are you claiming that careless, unsafe sex kills; not the prostitutes who are the victims of it?

Why, that is almost like accusing our government's forbidding condom distribution to help stem the AIDS epidemic as thinly guised genocide against the poor peoples of the world.

That makes it sound like keeping the poor of the world, sick, impoverished and desparate is just a greedy ploy to enhance the wealth of the few who win by exploitation of the many.

You also seem to be suggesting that we should have concern and care for others less fortunate, that we should work toward a healthier world, and that all human beings have worth.

Have you been accused of being a Communist lately?
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