Monday, January 09, 2006


The most dangerous drug combination ?

Aids kills about 3 million people each year mostly in Africa where condom use is probably not readily available and resisted by the male population the most. My feeling if the world really wanted to put a dent in aids it would make condoms more available but your still going up against that ingrained stubborn male mind set .

Ok you take that 3 million and multiply that by 10 and you get 30 million killed each year by combining alcohol and testosterone, if you take domestic violence, guns, highway deaths, emotional outbursts and you will have one hell of a figure. Most every time you see a violent death in the paper and where to dig into its root cause’s you would find alcohol as it’s base ingredient with sexual frustration mixed in.

Now if I were the supreme ruler, I would replace all of the bar rooms of the world with sex clinics.

Oh, how astute your observation about the alcohol-testosterone dangerous drug combination is!

In the USA, about 90%+ crimes of violence are committed by males between the ages of 12 and 25. Not coincidentally, the peak years of testosterone production (and probably alcohol consumption) are those same years.

The clichés about being a "lover" or a "fighter" do seem to hold true. Men who are "getting it regularly" seem to be of much milder temperament than those who are not.

And, military basic training without sexual deprivation would be a very different experience. Part of the reason that male prisons are such dangerous places is the chronic sexual frustration.

People seem to understand these basic principles about farm animals like bulls and boars, but seem to be in denial about the role that sexual frustration plays in human violence.

Most likely, your ideas could "Senseless Violence" on the endangered species list. Another reason they are likely to meet with some resistance.
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