Monday, January 09, 2006


Sex Clinics

Here are some suggestions on the issue of sex work .

Sex clinics should be licensed by the government so they can be regulated by the government and taxed realistically. This way sign age and other things could be controlled so that the sleazy factor can be controlled and heath and safety issues can be checked.

All sex workers should be card-carrying workers that have been tested for disease and also drug tested this will help curb the growing drug problems in are society.

Sex workers should have to have some sort of address so that they can be counseled on issues that effect them. They could be sent a monthly newsletter urging them to use these short earning years to get a foothold in life using this money to get a better education, a down payment on a house, starting a small business of their own.

Sex workers could be trained to take a customer's blood pressure, check the prostrate , breast examination, VD checked,and condoms could be prominently displayed and made certain that they will be used. This would help promote good heath. Signs should be displayed in both Spanish and English that condom use is the law.

I don't like to see a lot of sleazy sex signs like XXX with a naked girl on a neon sign. For some reason the sex industry has to show its self in a negative way. Maybe some universals sign that is not offensive that a sex clinic is in this building but not a red light. Wholesome is the key word, clean safe streets, nice parks, beautiful architecture, pretty women in summer dresses.

Sex clinic owners should be checked for criminal backgrounds and maybe only owned by former sex workers.

Sex clinic owners would be required to split the fee 50-50 with the worker and another 10% with all the workers for that day so everyone goes home with some money. The remaining 40% would be keep by the owner for overhead and profit.

Strong laws could be made for child exploitation or any type of sex slavery, where a person is held against there will. Harsh sentences could be handed down from the courts.

If possible the government could send out roving mental heath workers counseling sex workers and helping them with their fragile states of mind.The government could elevate sex workers as mental heath workers themselves what they are doing is to help calm our society and making it a more peaceful and less aggressive place to live.

Sex clinics should not only be for men they can be for woman, gays, or transsexuals or whatever the market will support of course they should pass all the laws of Wherever.

Sex work should be outlawed from the streets It's harder to regulate. It gives a seedy, sleazy image, and the possibility of serial killers in are society. The streets especially at night are cold scary places.

Alcohol, drugs,and firearms should be strictly forbidden in sex clinics.

In conclusion, I hear a lot of talk about human rights I feel they have the right to have a financial arrangement between two consenting adults as long as the laws wherever are followed to the maximum. I just don't see what harm is being done to anyone.

Lets use a hypothetical situation. I have a mental heath business and I placed an ad :
Needed medical heath people to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety pay is between 20-40 dollars an hour. Working conditions nudity with messaging and counter messaging, a fleshy appendage with a latex glove being probed inside you. Let me ask you when you see a doctor he or she places their latex-covered finger somewhere inside your body and how many people do they do that too in a year?

Can we ever accept the fact that sex feels good and if it didn't, none of us would be here, with are advanced knowledge and technology we can trick the system so it can be one of life"s most natural highs? No people are murdered on the highway or bludgeoned in the home. Every man or woman has had some sort of sexual experience in their lives and it makes you feel good, it replenishes your soul.

The City of Wherever could set a new standard for the world for tolerance, innovation, health, safety, providing good paying jobs, and a chance for a men and women to break the poverty cycle remember this money is going directly to the people. Well signing off from the land of free speech but sexually repressed people in the good old USA.

Well, Mr. N., your ideas are excellent, rational, humanistic, and show great insight into human nature, psychology, sexuality, and society.

Sadly, I fear they will never fly. They prevent exploitation of the weaker and less powerful by the strong and wealthy. They strengthen society's core, help unify people, forward the causes of domestic tranquility and quality of life, and help demonstrate that love is not just for the lucky and the strong.

They are likely to fall victim to that familiar coalition of the self righteous religious zealots and the despicable political scum.

Your ideas allow the sex workers to improve their own lives by their work; they afford equal protection of the law to the clients and providers alike; and they include all of us under the rubric of God's children without room for prejudice or discrimination.

They also run counter to the very hypocrisy that this nation seems to hold so dear. The hypocrisy that steals California from Mexico, then calls migrant workers criminals so as to deprive them of a living wage is the same kind of hypocrisy that makes healthy sexuality difficult if not impossible for many while criminalizing safe outlets.

The French say that the young attempt the impossible, generation after generation, because they don't know any better. And the young achieve the impossible, generation after generation, because they don't know any better.

A prayer that your attempt succeeds.

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