Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The World View

The most progressive country would be Uruguay which has the most human rights and humane praise for sex workers,their unionized with social benefits and pension plains, next some counties provide free medical exams on a weekly bases, and last would be western countries who stick their heads in the sand mostly.

These are the countries with legalized or tolerated prostitution of some sort, this is not a for sure thing, reliable information is sketchy .

Holland, Denmark, Spain ,Czeck Republic, Australia, All Latin countries, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Korea, Philippines, Israel, England, Italy, Greece, India, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, France, and Turkey.

These are the countries that have harsh laws against prostitution. Their laws can range from being jailed to being put to death by stoning for such activity. Myself I have lost some long term friends because of my pro prostitution stand. Some people even when they can be the most ardent supporters of gay rights, just the idea of prostitution and they go into the most vial rant, they think of prostitutes as the worst human filth on earth.

United States, Russia, China, all of the Middle East, North Korea, most of Africa, and Indonesia.

It's the Czech Republic, btw..
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