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Now, I am not going to try and give you the history of the latex condom but let’s just assume they have been around for the past 50-100 years. The reason that prostitute’s have such a bad reputation is before condoms you were playing Russian Roulette and contacting a STD, when you spent time with a working girl, this is why they got the names like "soiled dove".

The other night, I was watching some biography’s on Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln and they were talking about their weakness for working girls when they were young and how they worried about contacting STD’s, in those days there were no condoms.

Today with your modern latex condom you have 99% protection from contacting a STD but men still refuse to wear them they think they are missing some thing but with today’s modern condoms you can get almost the same sensations......So when the moment of truth comes men think they will lose their erections...... here is my suggestion’s weather your young or old take a Viagra pill at least one hour before you are going to do the deed. This will help you in maintaining your erection, now if your in a foreign land you can get them in a pharmacy without a prescription and to save money just take ½ of a tablet. Working girls will not lubricate like in a normal situation their not in love with you remember it’s a mechanical situation for them. Even a regular girl will have a hard time lubricating some times and do this,have a tub of K-Y jelly with you and it will help in lubricating the process.

Condoms are the best pregnancy prevention device’s there is.

Ok, you Casanova’s wear your condoms and live your life to the fullest but remember you are responsible for the lives and heath of the women your with and they are the most precious people on earth whether they be regular girl or a working girl.

The apostrophe is never used to pluralise a noun. Please learn to write English so you don't sound like a clown.
I agree with your views, John. Unfortunately, your grammar, spelling, and proofreading are atrocious. You'll never be taken seriously if you continue trying to express your points with these kind of mistakes, no matter how logical, earnest, and fact-filled they are.
I came here to say something about the carelessness and ignorance you display with regard to language, but I see I'm not the first. Amazingly bad, wrong and sloppy, dude.
Before the fashionable latex (rubber tree sap) and polyurethane condoms, careful men used sausage casings, a rubber cement sheath and through the 1800's wore the vulcanized rubber condom or capote. Prior to that was a vogue for tubesocks made of sheep, lamb, or fish bladder and gut. Linen has been used since ancient times; also leather, tortoiseshell, horn, oilskin, or animal hide were used for protection.

Some women recourse to protection themselves, with female condoms and caps and pessaries and potions. Douches and tampons have oft been administered with herbs and vinegars and cokes and Lysol. These may not be as effective as the condom, but since some men are stubborn and thoughtless about wearing one, gals have to take matters in their own hands.

The men and women who choose to excercise their right to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are the conscious few. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that 19 million new S.T.D. infections occur each year, including nearly 3 million new cases of the chalamydia bacteria.

The infective agents are mostly invisible and may cause no notable symptoms in the early stages. The classic recourse of the prostitute having the man undress under a strong light for genital inspection will weed out guys with scabies and crabs but misses most other dangerous conditions. It's the same for dudes - a visual glance over Mulva isn't enough to tell if she is contagious.

Both men and women should make an effort to provide means for safer intercourse with imagination and a romantic spirit. If guys defuse the anxiety with comfortable protective armor, then perhaps she'll relax and enjoy the ride and perhaps he can sustain a natural erection without alcho-chemical static.
Condoms do not prevent the spread of genital herpes.
you don't sound as sophisicated as you are trying to sound.
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