Friday, February 10, 2006


PBS Frontline

The other night, I was watching Frontline on PBS and they were saying 500,000 woman were sex slaves . First by my calculations there aren’t 500,000 total prostitutes in the world ! What I think they did was find some disgruntled prostitutes and formed a fabricated story to fit their agenda of course they showed a Russian pimp smoking a cigarette for maximum liberal repulsion. This is just an example of American hatred for prostitution and its cultural war to stop it .

I put this statement in their disscution section and they wouldn’t post it. I guess because I WASN’T IN THEIR MIND SET FOR DISENTION.

This is my statement:

I saw this as another one sided American Sexophobic rant driven by are media too get the ratings up with shock journalism. I’m against any kind of slavery and the majority of working girls are doing this on their own free will and just want to be left alone.

The media is becoming some of the most despised people on earth.

I’m a sex tourist and can not see how anyone could be held against their will all the girls go home at night to their homes or apartments and come back for another day of work just like everyone else. Lets just face it, America hates prostitution and we are becoming some of the most hated people on the planet because of are biased one sided agenda whether liberal or conservative.

As a former prostitute, I have been calling for the legalisation of prostitiution for years. I made a conscious decision to seel my body, to become a prostitute and its mine to sell as a consenting adult. No-one has the right to tell me what I can and cant do with my own body. I worked for an escort agency, knew the risks and did it through necessity and choice. I accept that throughout the world there are probably millions of women and children forced into prostitution and these are the peple that efforts should be chaneled into helping. I believe that there should be no tolerence zones, prostitution should be taken off the streets and kept in brothels, regulated and licenced. Escort agencies should be legalised and the women who work in them protected. As a legalised profession the workers should pay tax and this extra revenue should be channelled back into helping fight the traffickers. All easier said than done, but its a start. How about tackling the problem at the root ? How does a 13 year old girl end up walking the streets selling her arse for a fix ? What happened there ? Why ? Isn't that what we should be worrying about ?
I really like your honesty and genuiness in all of your posts. Thanks for adding another voice of sanity to the discourse.
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