Saturday, February 04, 2006


What is my agenda ?

Please, because I am an advocate of the legalization of prostitution that does not mean, I am a sexual pervert or that you are , what we want is the freedom to exchange money for sex between two consenting adults.If you are doing anything with a child under the age of eighteen (18) stop it is morally wrong and against the law anywhere in the world. You are not going to get away with it. You do not want your knees a knock'n against a lawyers desk or reside in a 6x10 foot iron box. If you've seen the movie "Midnight Express" that's what it would be like in a forigen prison. An American gringo is a big score overseas. Prisons in the USA you are at bottom of the pecking order, not pleasant.

When I say, I advocate the legalization of prostitution. I don’t mean a badly dressed street walker that is addicted to drugs. What I want is a controlled clinical situation that can be controlled by the government for heath, safety and community standards for both customer and sex worker.Prostitution is only legal in the USA in one county in Nevada. I am not advocating you break the laws in your community but work in your community to change the laws to make prostitution legal for men and woman.

just to let you know that sex with a person under 18 is legal in a large number of places. Texas would be one that comes to mind. Legal age of consent is 17.
Dude, you need to learn how to write. This post is just unreadable. I would've failed the 6th grade with writing so bad, but you sound like you're an adult; what country are you from?
Prostitution is legal in more than one county in NV.... you are also very mistaken on the issue of condoms protecting you 99%.. that's against pregnancy... you can still contract Herpes... HPv (commonly known as genital warts and molluscum contagiosom while wearing a condom...all viruses and all permanent ( MC goes away after awhile liek a few months to a few years ) and yes the other person may show no lesions at the time of transmission or even know they carry it... this is NOT tested for in the Nevada brothels... because,It's really not testable without lesions.
My english is not good, but i will try. I am from Norway and is working for women in prostitution. I am a social worker.

What i am totally sure about, is, that if you criminalize or legalize prostitution, you loose control. Legalizing and criminalizing is two methods of loosing control.

Please read my blog about prostitution.
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