Friday, June 16, 2006


Ban Marriage ?

Marriage is one of our most cherished institutions most everyone has been married or wanted too be married at one time or another . Let’s look at marriage from a statistical point of view. It has a 50 % failure rate ..divorce..Married women have the highest homicide rate. Married men or formerly married men have the highest suicide rate. You see when people first get married they have what I call ..puppy love ...and as time goes by they start to fight like cats and dogs. Somemore time goes along and they fight some more and eventually find away of getting along or get divorced. Sometimes things get violent and a husband shots his wife and then kills himself also many men kill themselves when they get despondent over a failed marriage.
So whats the solution, good god I don’t know, people should be married but god it doesn’t look too promising if you look at the stats. So many people get married because Cindy is so cute or Larry is so cool and they end up hating each other for the rest of there lives.
This why I like prostitution it’s away for people getting together and getting that human touch without hating each other forever. I remember all the prostitutes that I have been with over the years and not one do I hate. A couple I would not like to be with they just were not very much fun but gees I didn’t kill them or get depressed and kill myself.

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